Working Our Minds

At times in our lives, we see the necessity for helping our minds stay as sharp as possible. These times may stem from age, from a debilitating illness, from depression or simply from a drawn out period of inactivity. What do you do to help your mind stay sharp? I do different things, but usually it involves something with a challenge to it. It may be something I willingly search for such as improving my second language or reading an ancient philosopher’s musings. Sometimes the challenge is thrust upon me.

This spring I found myself over my head with “I don’t know how to do thats,” including updating my website, sending manuscript data to my book designer, getting into my website to add information and, even most very infuriating, communicating why I was even having difficulty with these processes. I had used a computer since 1980, but I felt as if it was becoming impossible for me.

I learned I had to slow way down in order to understand. I had to listen hard to what people were telling me and had to ask questions at the right moments. Often it seemed as though I had to read between the lines of what they were saying…they knew so much more than I…my mind had to work frustrating double duty.

This learning challenge was not at all fun but necessary. I guess I would define it as devising a formula for approaching new-to-me computer programs. Practicing it will keep my mind more alert for quite some time.

And, you need to have your mind in its very best condition when you overcome severe shyness!!!

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