Thinking of School

I was lonely at home; an aloof older brother, a seemingly forever tired mom and a commuter-working dad.

School was another place where I felt terrible. I know why I didn’t fit in; it seems so simple now. I needed guidance in the sand box to learn how to play. At that age, it might have taken half an hour a couple of times a week for a month.

My mind had been elsewhere; maybe it was roaming in the trees or around the sky. I needed someone to explain to me to focus on the group in order to be able to play with them….that the group was interested in the game and the people and not the surroundings. That to feel good, I needed to play.

Unlike the emotional strains and limits of home, school is an open field for all children. Severe Shyness Support will help children on-the-sidelines understand the people game and make them players.

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