The Power of Introverts

Introverts have inner power, wisdom and resources that we are constantly building up. Most shy people are introverts, so, shy people, know that once you can be free of shyness, your strengths will shine through!


  1. I find it’s less difficult to speak to a group about what I know, than to speak out loud while ruminating on a subject.. That can be a hardship for me. That’s when I lose my self confidence. I become self conscious and often lose my train of thought. (recall Dumbo flying at the top of the circus tent with his feather, and his “uh-oh” moment dropping the feather)….sigh

    1. Hi Liz, According to the dictionary, to ruminate is to ponder something deeply, like the nature of the universe. I don’t know of many who can do it well either aloud or to them selves.Next time you’re ruminating with someone, take a close note of what’s happening, how others do it and I bet you’ll be as good as anyone. Let me know.

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