The Length of a Year

The Length of a Year.

The length of a year is so variable and has little real importance. How did the year go? How did it feel?  Did I grow? Did my mind expand? Did I observe earthly designs and colors? Did I feel dignity and empathy? Was I touched by the evolution of life?

Did the year pass like a hurricane or more like a mild summer breeze?

Was I happy, energetic, healthy, kind; or glum, cynical, bored, holding back?

These days summer 2013 is winding down in her typical fashion with hints of bright colors, hungry  dragonflies and sweaters at arms’ reach.

My clock signals time to reflect. I hope you will return to my site and join me in the everlasting progression of the seasons of the mind. I hope we did all grow last year and feel emboldened to guide our thoughts onto paper.


One highlight of the  year was seeing this beauty perched above me while I waited for the car pool to go to the swimming pool.

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