Thanksgiving, 2010

Setting topics from one month to another does get me going. But did I say publicity and energy?

How does someone who has always been shy publicize themselves? For me it’s kind of like a Janus act; for twelve years while directing Danforth Gallery in Portland, Maine, I competed for television, newspaper and radio publicity for exhibitions we organized. Without thinking twice, I walked into businesses and executive’s offices talking about our good deeds to get contributions, but now when I walk into a book store or a library, I refer to my own work. It feels strange. I’m using my gallery experience to advance myself, but since I want as many people as possible to read my memoir in order to help reduce shyness, I do it.

I said in my last blog that I enjoyed public speaking and I’ve since figured out why.

The very, very important reason is that I don’t feel as though I’m talking about myself so much as about LIFE. Shyness is universal and it affects everyone either directly or indirectly. Who isn’t enthusiastic to talk about life and how to make it better?

It feels so wonderful to be able to do it, to not be shy and to be able to speak up about it. It feels extraordinarily wonderful.

Emotions of wonderment though don’t just come from this. I have awesome ones that come just from living—I had cancer and seven months of cancer cures last year. It’s been six months since treatments and during each one of those 180 days I felt grateful just to be able to enjoy life. Lingering chemo brain, muscle loss, neuropathy and weight loss help remind me of how precious life is. One of two men and one of three women will have cancer sometime in their lives and I’m sure most of you are familiar with cancer’s symptoms.

The doctors say I tire easily because my body has to rebuild itself. As a result, I’m not doing much marketing for Brave.

For now I don’t really mind! What matters is being healthy and thankful for everyone who loves me. When my energy rebounds, I shall do more.

Next month I shall talk about what Mexican-Latino culture does to your spirit and how it helped me overcome shyness. Don’t forget to write.


  1. Hi Helen,
    What good work you are doing! People from all over the world are responding. It must be very gratifying after all you hard work putting the book together.
    Looking forward to seeing your this summer.
    Mary MacQueen

  2. Hi Helen,
    What good work you are doing! I know it is gratifying to see your book help so many people.
    See you this summer.
    Mary MacQueen

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