It is supreme not to be shy anymore and to have all the energy formerly spent on avoiding people available for erstwhile endeavors like contemplating the length of a year.

So what do I write about in  blog about shyness? Why, post shyness activities and thoughts! This is because  the pain of being shy

Hiking in Mexico
Hiking in Mexico

is ever embedded in my memory and I will be forever grateful to be free of it.


  1. Hey Helena,
    First off THANK YOU for acknowledging how brave one must be in order to overcome shyness. Second of all, THANK YOU for posting on your life and journey. My girlfriend and I support people with shyness and social anxiety because we’ve both gone through our own journey with it, and indeed know the pain of feeling shy and using so much energy to avoid people, and unnerving circumstances. Like you say, it’s a blessing to be free of it!

    I know you’re doing well, but I thought I’d pass along an old article that I wrote as it feels like your readers may find it useful on curing social phobia… hope that’s ok.

    Blessings to you on your journey. It seems you’re living a very full life.


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