Severe Shyness Support Update

Severe Shyness Support (S3)

S3 has happened!

Our Advisory Council is off to a good start: it is umbrellered by Honorary Member Dr. Philip Zimbardo, author of “Shyness” 1977 and former President of the American Psychology Association.

Our Kennebunk hero is Dr. Kevin P. Crowley, Interim Superintendent of the Kennebunk School Systems.

A Kennebunk School Counselor

A Pyschologist from Natick Labs, Ma

Our Master of Communications Heroine and Creative Thinker is Joan Lowery of Florida.

And yours truly!
Our Advisory Council Supporters are:
Alan Shepard, Attorney
Briaunna Sky, Kennebunk High School Student
Anthony Rivas, British Supporter

Our mission: to educate parents, friends and family of the severely shy about severe shyness and to reach and help severely shy people.

I am working to find a non-profit tax exempt fiscal sponsor to partner with.
Stay tuned and please send in your ideas. And thoughts! Want to join?


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