All this work to become ourselves! Ah, fine so far, but now that we’re us what? Job, friendship, love, romance, children are now at our reach.  Is it enough to take some deep breaths, say we’re well and our well-being will help the world? It feels good, it’s easy.

Is there another script, one that goads us  to do something more profound or more complex? Why? Is it a wish to give our lives a sense of accomplishment? Is it wanting to use our brains for the sake of the challenge? One or both sometimes?

Is it wrong not to feel this?

Hey,  we’re not shy any more and the world’s ours! Tell me what you want to do.

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  1. Thank you for this inspiring post, Helen. I want to write and speak to help my community and beyond. That’s the calling I feel most strongly right now. Your post reminds me to keep that calling at the center.

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