I left the Boardwalk today to go to the Common Ground Fair in Unity run by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners. Wonderful place. I actually initiated a conversation with a guy I found myself sitting beside while eating fried shrimp and haddock. Wonderful life when you got it your way. Actually I’m using the expression “your way” after the title of my friend’s book, “Life Your Way” and I think she would be proud of me.


  1. I love this post, Helen. Thank you. I’m proud to be your friend. And I still can’t get over what you told me about that Common Ground Fair fish — no potatoes! Fish ‘n chips are definitely more “my way” then fish alone at a fair!

    1. Hi Amy, Well fish n’chips sure go together, but up there at Common Ground, I didn’t think of them. The deep-fried fish was piping hot, fresh, delicious and the tartar sauce made a good side-dish. And I initiated a conversation while enjoying it. Not bad. Do you know potato growers don’t even eat their own produce anymore? Of course there are organic spuds. Am not sure what was going on up there!

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