Preparing for Broadcast

Tomorrow morning I’m scheduled to be interviewed about shyness by Maine Public Broadcasting Network. Isn’t it astounding! Twenty years ago, ten years ago, five years ago, even one year ago, who could have predicted it? Me, now a voice for shy people? It feels real good too, because I know as well as anyone that shy people cannot speak for themselves, but that they have a dire need to overcome shyness and maybe I can be of some help. That MPBN asked me to talk about my life as a shy person is indeed a very healthy indication that society has become more willing to understand shy people. 5-10% of all people suffer from severe shyness, so just think, if everyone gets on board and takes action to overcomes shyness, then society will have 5-10% more people to participate in it.


  1. Helen, I looked for your interview with Keith Shortall on the MPBN website, but didn’t see it. I thought that if it aired last night I could listen to it on the MPN websit site after the fact. Did it already air or can you tell me when it will? Thanks, Lynn

    1. Lynn,Keith said you can’t predict when it will air. Tonight they had an old interview with an author from Thomaston who died on Monday. So, maybe tomorrow.Thanks for tuning in. Helen

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