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“It’s nice to write to you ,I am from China ,and working in a company .I find it’s difficult to get along well with my workmates ,because I am trubled.” This is from JL. It was sent to my personal email instead of the blog one. JL, please use the blog email next time, so I can reply directly.

Shyness in the work place is common. There you want everyone to think you are doing a good job, being a good co-worker and being helpful in general. You may be afraid someone will see you are not perfect and think less of you. Overcoming shyness at work may be similar to overcoming it anywhere…. a multi-step process beginning by knowing, loving and respecting yourself.

 What in particular are you troubled about?  Tell me as much as you want to on this forum. It is a good place to start, to understand why you are troubled. Each person is so different from the next one that we must focus just on you. Tell me about your work place and something about your job. How old are you. Do you have a long commute to work? Your English is pretty good. Can you speak it as well as you write it?

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