Memorial Day with Red Bird

We live in a period of continuous disasters, unbelievable ones, caused by weather (whether you believe in climate change or not.) This, coupled with our country being at war for a decade, makes Memorial Day 2011 more important than ever for me. Our involvement in the Arab world is on-the-line, under fire, questioned by everyone, and no one has answers because it deals with such a range of complexities.
Destruction. Death. Coffins. Mayhem.
What is the climate doing? Does anyone know? Where are the Wars headed? Does anyone know? Our problems are the worst kind because people pay for them with their lives.

Red Bird

Does the red bird resting on my budding oak tree, know he stirs my heart?

Does he know the oak tree’s gorgeous, but with him sitting on it, he reminds me life itself is beautiful.

Does he teach me my life and home are wonderful, but when people are added, harmony and joy abound?

2007 Kennebunk

Staying cancer free. With hope, a prayer, humility and forbearance. Every day. So I can be here.

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