May 4/12 San Miguel Allende Verve Over the Top

San Miguel Allende Verve Over the Top


April 30 bridge holiday and fireworks.

May 1 Workers Day, incessant fireworks

Meld into Children’s Day.

Dawn May 2 church bells clang with fireworks.


En route to chorale practice booming magnifies.

Before me two pyrotechnicians lead

A parade of high ranking church members.

Walking backwards, they stop only to work.


And mark the 300th year of the Oratorio Church.

…..Solid, dark, black-eyed Mexicans,

Unfazed with near 100 degrees, UV index 14…..

Our chorale director bursts in.


Three pale-skinned, blue-eyed,

Light-haired people, deep in heat-world,

And boom-riddled minds, glance at each other,

And try to appear alert.


Today, May 3, El Dia de La Santa Cruz,

A church relic three doors from home.

May 5, a National Holiday,

On May 1 every year!

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