May 26/12 Awash in Beauty

Awash in Beauty


From  my peaceful deck on sunny days,

Touched by

Rosa rugosa, oaks, birch,

Hawks, Canadian geese, phoebes,

Cardinals, squirrels, deer.


I absorb, I am absorbed

They absorb me, I am theirs,

Like nova cane, penetrating my aesthetics

They overcome me with

adoration into oblivion.


There’s more. Sounds

From the Atlantic, owl talk,

And baritone chimes mingle

With syncopated thoughts

Bordering the sublime.


This is my bed rock and my blanket.

A world of expanse, color, grace,

Interdependency too, the strong

Surviving.  We are wonders,

Wonderful Wonders.

Kennebunk, 2012

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  1. Dear Helen

    I love this! How nice a beautiful living can sound. And, some people go their entire lives without really feeling or showing emotions.


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