March 5/12 The Importance of Overcoming Shyness

So, some people may ask, “What’s so important about it?”  Well, they for some, probably don’t realize that shyness is 24/7. It’s NOT being shy once in a while, has nothing to do with it. Ridding oneself of shyness allows a person to be him/her, to be a healthy being.  But most of all, it allows the person to sit back and truly relax when they are with others. Relax and enjoy, no mean feat. No wasted energy, wasted time spent on worrying about shyness. Come out to the Boardwalk to celebrate relaxation!


  1. Life sometimes suddenly transports us to new growing ground — a seed sprouts and soon has blossoms. Hopefully, we encounter others who can listen, and resources that serve as catalysts in our healing.

  2. Dear Helen, hello.

    Today I have been thinking about shyness…. And your darkest experiences because of it.

    An inspiration is what you are to many.
    Your past shadow discareded, your wish to be bold and free.
    What we see is a heart of gold.
    Showing people, step out into the light
    And everything will be okay
    Expose your inner being in the most natural way, for you have nothing to hide – discard your old shadow
    And let your shyness rise above, to be your pride.

    Thought of you today. xx

    1. Hello Trusha,
      To be natural sounds so easy; why is it so hard?
      Keep up the track you’re on and isn’t it rewarding to write in poetry?

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