Learning to be Me.

It wasn’t easy back in 1984  to do some of the things I wanted to do in order to grow.  “After having searched for a year, I finally found an elderly Christ’s Church choir member who gave singing lessons, and he agreed to teach me.. …My first session was as awkward as anything in my whole life. With no chair or table for support, with no accompaniment, I had to stand in the center of a strange room and sing from a bel canto exercise primer with a person I barely knew watching me. I gasped a little from time to time and barely refrained from crying. As soon as I drove away I broke down. But before I got home, blending in with tears from the past were tears of joy over my triump of daring to sing. I took lessons for ten weeks and then in place of classes my teacher invited me to join his church choir, which I promptly did. I cherished this activity with all my heart; not only did I enjoy singing beautiful music, but I also felt brave and forward moving”   taken from my book,  Brave, a Memoir of Overcoming Shyness.  Now, singing four times a week in a group with an excellent director and pianst, I get to breathe deeply and hear moving songs among friends.  I’m grateful to be able to sing on my two year road to recovery.


    1. Hi Christine,

      What a lovely comment! You can buy Brave, a Memoir of Overcoming Shyness on Amazon for around $12.00. I have converted it for E-books and am working on getting it onto Kindle, and later to other E-books.

      Please convey your ideas and feelings here on this blog as you read Brave. I want it to inspire others to overcome shyness and also to convey to the non-shy just how dreadful acute shyness is. We will be interested to see what it does for you.

      Good reading, Helen

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