Humor and Laughing

A sense of humor and the ability to laugh when you’re stuck in a conversation is great. Be ready to laugh anytime. Yesterday I went to the fish counter to look for something for supper. A guy said, can I get you anything? I said, no, not yet, I’m still looking. In a little he said, “We have  some great squid that just came in.” He convinced me they were fresh and all cleaned, something I hate to do, and since I seldom find cleaned squid, I bought three to stuff. As I was leaving, a tall heavy guy said came up to the counter, and my man said to him, “You want some fresh squid?” He said “no” right away and started ordering some haddock. I turned to the fish-man who was looking at me with huge laugh on his face. I broke out laughing. I love Maine humor.

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