http://www.MPBN Radio: My Interview with Keith Shortall

The news is out all over Maine that severe shyness suffocates the mind, emotions and spirit. I really appreciated this conversation with Keith Shortall and hope you will too. His probing questions elicited descriptions that reveal the misery shy people experience.

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  1. I heard your interview on MPBN and would just like to say thanks for your book (which I read immediately). I’ve struggled with shyness all my life and can really relate to your story. It was great to have someone speak out about this condition.

    It’s taken me until now (age 62) to face the damage shyness has caused me, and the pain it’s caused those around me, and to try to change. Thank goodness there are more resources available now for help, including your book. The great message you shared is that it IS possible to change, and it’s never too late to make the effort.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Thank you so much for writing. Yes, it is so important to know we can change, can overcome shyness, at any age. I would love to hear how Brave helps you.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      It was so wonderful, yes, to be able to explain to people what it’s like to suffer from severe shyness. I’ve had several people tell me they heard the interview and really appreciated learning what it’s like to be really shy.

  2. Thanks, Helen. I think your book is helpful because it serves as a great role model — if you can do it, then maybe even I can do it! You didn’t let shyness stop you from accomplishing so much.


    1. Thanks Rebecca, it’s so good to hear the nine years of writing is working to help others. Someone asked me if we could start a shyness group, maybe in Portland. Would this be of interest to you?

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