Feb. 6/12 We Are To Be

Today on the Boardwalk it seems as though the question never was to be or not to be!

We Are to Be


To be me, to know myself,

How wondrous.

To be willing,

Courageous, kind,

Creative and fruitful.


To be you, to know you,

My neighbor and friend,

To love, help.

To be aware,

Vigorous and joyful.


To be him, to understand her,

An enemy or a stranger,

To repel rancor,

Evoke generosity and show compassion.

We are to be our Very Best.


Helen Rivas-Rose  SMA Feb. 2012


  1. You are asking Time to be your Valentine?

    There Is a Time To…..

    There is…….

    A time to write,
    A time to listen,
    A time to learn,
    A time to play,

    A time to read,
    A time to see,
    A time to lead,
    A time to sleep,

    A time to be happy,
    A time to be mad,
    A time to be silly,
    A time to be sad.

    A time to wake,
    A time to stay,
    A time to talk,
    A time to walk.

    A time to help,
    A time to hurt,
    A time to scheme,
    A time to dream,

    A time to make a difference,
    A time to love,
    A time to try,
    A time to die

    A time to wonder,
    A time to want,
    A time to live,
    A time to do something.

    There is always going to be a time,
    But will you do something when that time comes?
    poem by Michelle Hyd

    Your Valentine Time

    1. Hi, thanks for the lovely poem and the reminder that we must be always aware that time is precious, that it flees and that we move with it, like it or not. Let us both try to be very alert when all those emotional experiences come our way. Helen

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