August 29/11 With no power or water for 24 hours, I almost missed the Boardwalk today. For entertainment two hundred years ago, children repeated tongue-twisters for entertainment, such as, a noisy noise annoys an oyster. The hurricane gave us some quiet, down time, time to think more deeply about what really matters.

It was pretty scary on the Boardwalk today. I heard nothing but reminders that hurricane Irene is on her way. It’s awful to be frightened of course, but the experience reminds me that when I used to be scared of something, I wasn’t shy. Can you tell me why not?↑↑↑

After decades of struggling, I found out it’s not necessary to worry over what to say to someone…. say what’s on your mind. Speak the truth and do things you like to do and talk about them. It’s lonely out here on the Boardwalk today. Everyone’s busy preparing for the hurricane.Θ

The Boardwalk is dark today but we are sharing kindred feelings. Hurricane Irene is coming our way! I loved these times when as a child everyone was concerned about the same thing because then I was one of everyone and I didn’t feel alone.