To amass and maintain a fortune requires a mammoth, materialistic drive but when you’re shy you focus way too much on yourself, keeping you out of the 1% group.  1%er parents would use all the means available to get their shy children over it. So, unemployed or compassionate shy people of the 99%, do your […]


We run on energy and how to create it is something I only learned when I was fifty. Climbing the hills in San Miguel de Allende taught me that the more I climbed the more energy I had. I understood then that it meant the same with everything in life, such as the more you […]

The Heroines Journey

Susanna Liller interviewed me tonight on the Boardwalk by phone about my overcoming shyness. Her program is based on the philosophical construct developed by Joseph Campbell. You can hear it here: http://www.Blogtalkradio.com/theheroinescoach/2011/10/11/interview-with-a-heroine–helen-rivas-rose                             Click to listen Susanna Liller interviewed me tonight on […]


It took me forever to have peer friendships—for fifty years I couldn’t bring myself to behave like a good peer. I thought it required behaving in ways which I was unfamiliar with and therefore I refrained so I wouldn’t make mistakes.  And I didn’t think people would like me. Overcoming shyness, making friends, making friends, […]