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It is supreme not to be shy anymore and to have all the energy formerly spent on avoiding people available for erstwhile endeavors like contemplating the length of a year.

So what do I write about in  blog about shyness? Why, post shyness activities and thoughts! This is because  the pain of being shy

Hiking in Mexico

Hiking in Mexico

is ever embedded in my memory and I will be forever grateful to be free of it.

Posted by HELEN on September 3, 2013

The Length of a Year

The Length of a Year.

The length of a year is so variable and has little real importance. How did the year go? How did it feel?  Did I grow? Did my mind expand? Did I observe earthly designs and colors? Did I feel dignity and empathy? Was I touched by the evolution of life?

Did the year pass like a hurricane or more like a mild summer breeze?

Was I happy, energetic, healthy, kind; or glum, cynical, bored, holding back?

These days summer 2013 is winding down in her typical fashion with hints of bright colors, hungry  dragonflies and sweaters at arms’ reach.

My clock signals time to reflect. I hope you will return to my site and join me in the everlasting progression of the seasons of the mind. I hope we did all grow last year and feel emboldened to guide our thoughts onto paper.


One highlight of the  year was seeing this beauty perched above me while I waited for the car pool to go to the swimming pool.

Posted by HELEN on August 22, 2013

Oct. 10/12 Creative Retirement: Reinventing Yourself at Midlife and Beyond

I am a member of Creative Retirement Collaborative! I’m the only non therapist but the other four members like to have me with them because they say, you’ve done it,

Rosewood, SMA

you’ve changed and they have me as an example that anyone can change and better prepare themselves for a creative retirement.

It is lovely not to be shy. Lots has been happening in my life and I can compare now, can see life from the perspective of the non-shy. I have been writing poetry, have some coming out soon in an anthology, am gearing up to do a second publication of Brave, and am doing talks, workshops and panel presentations. Lot’s more to come.

I will try to add another photo before I forget how. Well, I did it.

Posted by HELEN on October 10, 2012




Posted by HELEN on October 4, 2012

July 6/12 Summer Glory

From my window huge Monarch butterflies sally around and a large red Cardinal flew into the woods followed by a blue jay. The sun is sparkling on everything, even a little on me! Next Sunday I am giving a talk on shyness at the UU Church in Kennebunk, my church. Please come if you’re around, it’s a casual affair.


Posted by HELEN on July 6, 2012