From Severe Shyness Support (S3) to Center for Social Isolation Relief (CSIR)

Who says nothing happens in Maine except tourism in the summer! At several meetings in Portland, SCORE-whose national goal is to help 1 million clients by 2020-and I worked hard to grow one small non-profit. Present was a mentor from the for-profit world, one from the non-profit one, myself, and, amongst the three of us, […]

Disorder (How I Came to Call Extreme Shyness “Severe Shyness Disorder)

Who hasn’t felt shy at some point? The vast majority have. It is somewhat safe to presume that, since they’ve experienced it, they think they know what it is and how to overcome it. People especially report feeling shy at a party or before giving a speech. The latter would be more appropriately called stage […]


  Momentum, yes! Yesterday I learned I will give a lecture at the Brick Store Museum, the 80 year old renowned Kennebunk area historical organization with a wide outreach. I am more than delighted! In preparing for it over the summer, I hope to find a shy person or two or more in the annals […]