Last night I fell asleep for ten straight hours! I awoke incredibly rested, recalling several vivid dreams, all good. Sometimes I worked through pain from my solitary past through dreams, turning a new leaf one by one.  I still shake my head in wonder over this unconscious energy. Now, after my coffee, I’ll sift through […]


Each season does something different to us. After enjoying warm days, fall jolts our instincts to protect ourselves from the outside, from others, from the unknown. If you’re shy, you must work harder at overcoming shyness. Do those special social engagements, make those hard decisions, keeping your feet on the ground and your heart comfortably […]

A New Year

Trying to be strong, I think in the moment as much as possible, and when I slip out of it, I tell myself I’m OK. I am focusing on my “new” book, (new because it will have a new cover) the one I believe will be listed in the Foreword Digital Review that’s sent to […]