Maine School Counselors Association Annual Meeting, 2016

At the Maine School Counselors Association Annual Meeting at the Harriseckett Inn in Freeport, October 21, twenty-two counselors came to the break-out session to hear my talk about the pain of severe shyness and isolation. Painstakingly, we had prepared a take-home folder with seven inserts: articles about CSIR, about my book and about ideas we […]

From Severe Shyness Support (S3) to Center for Social Isolation Relief (CSIR)

Who says nothing happens in Maine except tourism in the summer! At several meetings in Portland, SCORE-whose national goal is to help 1 million clients by 2020-and I worked hard to grow one small non-profit. Present was a mentor from the for-profit world, one from the non-profit one, myself, and, amongst the three of us, […]