May 4/12 San Miguel Allende Verve Over the Top

San Miguel Allende Verve Over the Top   April 30 bridge holiday and fireworks. May 1 Workers Day, incessant fireworks Meld into Children’s Day. Dawn May 2 church bells clang with fireworks.   En route to chorale practice booming magnifies. Before me two pyrotechnicians lead A parade of high ranking church members. Walking backwards, they […]

April 16/12 The Importance of Overcoming Shyness

We will be walking the talk tomorrow at my first workshop called The Importance of Overcoming Shyness. Readers, tell me what you would like to see covered there, and what questions you might have. Remember it’s for shy people and also the non-shy so they may better understand shy people. How do you, reader, behave […]