It was pretty scary on the Boardwalk today. I heard nothing but reminders that hurricane Irene is on her way. It’s awful to be frightened of course, but the experience reminds me that when I used to be scared of something, I wasn’t shy. Can you tell me why not?↑↑↑


  1. I’ve had the same experience, Helen. It may not have been shyness, but more like self-consciousness, or lack of confidence for me…then something happens that takes me out of myself and my self-consciousness disappears. That’s one of the things I like so much about working with people in conflict – I am so absorbed in mediating I lose myself (that little me that’s always worrying about ego stuff). Thanks for From the Boardwalk – it’s great!

  2. Thanks Susanna, I so enjoy the Boardwalk myself. Yes, interesting, when we are able to ignore our egos, we become different. I think that’s why I like the Boardwalk: I’m devotedly present with ocean, sky and with whomever visits on a given day.

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